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Piston Seals:

The GSF  is a typical single-acting, o-ring energized, low-friction piston seal especially useful where smooth movement and location accuracy is required. The GSF design is based on the very successful GSJ (DEF Code)rod-seal design which has been proven in the market to be an excellent seal. High-performance materials, provide outstanding wear and extrusion-resistance properties as well as large range of temperature and high-speed capabilities.

This seal is available in a variety of DEF’s high-performance materials to suit a wide range of demanding applications.

The GSF’s design eliminates the potential for stick-slip and its very low running friction makes it ideal for high-speed applications. In particular, this seal is well-suited for use in piston accumulators in conjunction with other DEF piston seals. 

Here is an example of GSF seal below:


2 23

Order example for standard version:

Diameter d=100mm  GSF1000


O ring NBR / FKM (Special on request)
Slide ring: PTFE-Bronze / PTFE-carbon/PTFE-metal
(Special on request)

Application Range:
Pressure: 60MPa
Temperature: -45 – +200 C
Sliding Speed: 15 m/s
Medium: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flamable hydraulic fluids, water, air and other sand others.

Mobile Hydraulic
Standard Cylinders
Machine Tools
Injection Molding Machines

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