Spring energized seals

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Spring Energized Seals:

Spring Energized seals are single acting, which are used for dynamic and static applications.

Spring Energized seals are effective in a wide of applications. They are chosen when higher resistance to chemical media is required. If the seal is required to operate in extremes of temperature and where good extrusion and compression characteristics are needed.

DEF Spring Energized seals have three main design characteristics:

  1. Application specific U-shaped seal profile
  2. Spring geometry suited.
  3. Proven high-performance DEF polymers,

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Spring: 304/316/301/400/103/APS
Slide ring: PTFE-filled
Other materials are available.

Application Range:
Pressure [Mpa] : 45
Temperature[ºC]: -40…+260
Sliding speed[m/s]: 15
Medium: Aggressive media and foodstuffs etc…

Excellent leak tightness

High resistance to wear

No extrusion into gaps

Withstanding aggressive and abrasion process media

Very good temperature capabilities

Low friction

Compact form

Simple installation

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